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Episode 2 – Religious Intolerance

26 Jan

This week I discuss how you might respond when your friend charges that Christians are intolerant of other religions. I also take a look at some of the things that make Christianity unique.

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Episode 1: Christians are intolerant (part 1)

22 Jan

In the first episode I’ll explain why I’m doing all of this, the format of the show, and tackle the charge that Christians are intolerant.

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22 Jan

Welcome to What Do I Say to That, an apologetics podcast for folks wondering how to answer tough questions and objections to the Christian faith. Each episode I’ll tackle something I’ve heard or a question emailed in by a listener. Be sure to check the archives to see if your questions have already been addressed, and if not send an email to I hope you enjoy the show and it’s helpful in conversation with friends and strangers alike. I’d love to hear stories of how things are going and how the show can be improved so don’t hesitate to send an email!

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