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Episode 5 – The Bible

22 Feb

A quick breakdown of major objections to the Bible as a reliable source of information as well as some tips for having conversation about the truth of the Bible.

Episode 5 – The Bible

as always send questions and comments to or leave them here on the blog.


Episode 4 – The Resurrection

12 Feb

Hey everyone – I hope you enjoy this episode! I’m working on getting some more resources on the page – be patient. If you’re really interested in more on the minimal facts argument I suggest checking out some of Dr. Habermas’s books, especially “Risen Jesus and Future Hope.”

if you have a question you want answered you can post it on the comments section or email it to – I’d also love to hear any stories of you actually using this stuff in conversation!Episode 4 – The Resurrection

Episode 3 – Atheism

5 Feb

Hey everyone – a brief episode covering how you might engage an atheist friend in conversation as well as some common responses they might have when asked to defend the truth of atheism. It doesn’t go very deep into your responses which include the following three arguments for God’s existence:

The Cosmological argument (specifically the Kalam version)

The Teleological argument (specifically fine tuning, although intelligent design is ok)

The Moral argument.

I hope to find some good resources online to point you to – but learning these arguments is very helpful in dialogue with atheists. If you’re looking for a book I highly recommend the newest edition of Reasonable Faith by William Lane Craig. Don’t hesitate to email questions or suggestions to

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itunes and new episode

5 Feb

Hey everyone – thanks for the encouraging comments! I hope you’re enjoying the podcast and I wanted to let you know how to make it easier to access! Simply open itunes and click the “advanced” dropdown menu. There should be an option “subscribe to podcast” – select it! When the box opens asking for a url, paste this:


that should do the trick! now every time you open itunes it will automatically download new episodes of the show for you. Don’t forget to email any questions you have to I’ll be posting a new episode later today on atheism, I hope it is helpful.

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