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gotta take a break, sorry

10 Mar

hey everyone – I just wanted to inform you that I’ll be taking a month off from doing podcasts to focus on Jenna, InterVarsity, finishing my degree and rehearsing for Godspell (which runs in Orlando april 16th-18th). I am on the verge of being over-commited and this is the only thing I can put on the back burner. Still send in questions that you’d like me to take on in future episodes ( and I would love, love, love it if you guys emailed or posted in the comments stories of actually having conversations with people using stuff from the podcast! Ok – thanks for your patience, and I’ll see you in April! (I won’t see you per se, but you’ll see me – well, you’ll see new podcasts posted which you will listen to…so you’ll  HEAR me…oh jeez…you get the point). peace.

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