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Episode 7 – Bart Ehrman

25 Jun

I got an email from Kyle in Orlando asking to respond to a BBC article about Bart Ehrman. Here is the article as well as some other “responding to Ehrman” type articles. Obviously I have no idea how to get links to look nice. I think they work though, which is what matters! 


 Ehrmans article  

Mike Licona’s 5-part article 


William Lane Craig: Bart Ehrman is wrong mp3 


Episode 7 – Bart Ehrman 


Episode 6 – Moral Relativism

17 Jun

Hey everyone, I’m finally back from Mexico, Godspell is over, I’ve graduated from Biola and the podcast can be a part of my life again! Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already and if you like it – tell your friends. Thanks!

Episode 6 – moral relativism

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