before you call me a jerk…

12 Apr

If this blog ever gets enough attention that non-Christians read it, I’ll consider it a success. If you happen to be a non-Christian reader let me explain why I spend my time thinking about and teaching the defense of Christianity and why that doesn’t make me a jerk. One could argue that trying to convince people to believe something else is arrogant (the person doing the convincing assumes he is right) – but one would be arguing in a circle because argumentation involves convincing. No one has a problem with opinions, but but during disagreements most people have a problem with the person who thinks that hers is right!

The rub comes from our inability to disbelieve our beliefs. If we are foundationally committed to something, we can’t act as if we aren’t. I am committed to the truth of the Christian worldview for what I believe are a host of solid reasons. Tucked away in that worldview is this radical notion: if this is true it means life for those who believe and death for those who don’t. Another guiding principle is the notion that every human soul on this planet falls under the category of “neighbor,” a person whom I am instructed to love as if I am caring for myself.

When paired these two ideas necessitate evangelism, or the sharing of the faith. Now I will be first in line to apologize for and complain about the scores of Christians who have brow-beat, yelled, defamed, badgered, cajoled or otherwise used nefarious tactics to try to persuade people to become Christians. What those clowns don’t do however is have any impact on the actual truth content of the Gospel. Jesus either is God, or he is not – and that doesn’t hang on what some street corner preacher says through his megaphone.

To borrow from (and liberally paraphrase) V for Vendetta (the movie): I am writing this blog, teaching Christians, defending the faith and in any way possible promoting the person of Jesus Christ because I love you, even though I don’t know you.

In a vacuum, if the Gospel is true and I didn’t believe it the best possible outcome of my life would be for someone to convince me otherwise.


One Response to “before you call me a jerk…”

  1. Jake April 16, 2012 at 7:33 am #

    Right on! People should be able to believe whatever they want and not have “Christians” always trying to convert them to believe in their god. It’s nice to hear from someone who is a Christian who is not looking to change me to believe what they do about god.

    Keep it up!

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