Out of town. In the meantime…

5 May

I am currently in Jasper, GA at InterVarsity’s annual chapter camp leadership conference. I am teaching college students how to study the bible and lead their peers in missional small groups on campus. Its been an amazing week and I have one more to go. Due to the nature of the conference however, I haven’t had much time for evangelistic conversations. To tide you over, I’m providing links to some of my favorite online resources for apologetics.

Apologetics 315

This site has a regularly updated blog as well as a huge list of reviews for books on christian apologetics arranged by topic. My favorite thing about them is their list of weekly bonus links. These are collected from around the web and range widely in content but I always find a few things that I can’t resist clicking on.


No blog, but audio and TONS of articles on pretty much every major apologetic issue. Not to be missed and a good place to start if you’re just exploring a new topic.

Stand to Reason

The ministry started by Greg Koukel, str has great content and a regularly updated blog. The gem of this site is Greg’s weekly podcast which is posted here (and in itunes I think).

I hope to have a normal post up next week and then resume posting regularly the following week. Until then, go check out these sites!


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