So I was on Facebook some more…

10 Jan

This is my second post about using social media, the first can be found here.

The world is at your fingertips. With the click of a button dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people will see what you post. Using your social media platforms to share your faith and make a case for Christ is great thing to do. Your job is to not be annoying (not because we owe it to other people not to burden them, but because being annoying means being less effective).

Again, the list of ways to love your friends on Facebook at the Reasons for God blog covers these briefly but I’d like to focus on a few of the more egregious mistakes.

Don’t post things that are manipulative. “If you care about Jesus share this – if you don’t share it you are probably going to hell!” Even the simple ones “I pray for such and such, repost if you do too” accomplish little and bug everyone who isn’t a believer (and lots of us who are).

Yup, this is goofy

Yup, this is goofy

Don’t post Christian memes. Even if you think they are funny, they’re probably not. Even if they ARE funny to Christians, they probably aren’t to non-Christians. If something is so gut busting that you can’t get over it, be that guy, and email it to a select group of people.

Do post links to well-written, intelligent pieces. If you are selective with both content and timing, people will eventually recognize this and read the things you pass along.

There are plenty more tips and tricks but these three are enough to get you started on using social media for good rather than for cheese.

(Now the real question is what to do after reading both posts in the series if YOU agree but YOUR CHRISTIAN FRIEND hasn’t seen the light. My answer? Post it on your wall and hope for the best.)


One Response to “So I was on Facebook some more…”

  1. SHARAT BABU January 10, 2013 at 2:03 pm #

    Thank you so much and it is strengthening me. Babu

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