Non-Judgmental Jesus

14 Jan

It’s common for folks who don’t have a view of the divine that is rooted in doctrinal certainty to project themselves and their desires on to God. For example, folks for whom enjoyment of life is supreme will often gravitate towards the idea that God wants us to be happy. (Ben Franklin once remarked that beer is proof that God loves us AND wants us to be happy). I agree that God would like us to be happy, but I think that His Glory is a more prominent desire. Coincidentally when we expend ourselves glorifying Him, we become happiest.

One of the most common sentiments floating around the West today – especially among young people – is the idea that we should not be judgmental. In a recent conversation with a young woman who identified herself as a Catholic who doesn’t go to mass anymore she responded to the question “Who is Jesus?” by saying, in part, that he is someone who doesn’t judge.judging

When I asked her to expound on this she mentioned that he loves everyone and will forgive everyone. I tend to agree with both of these statements but the second half requires an extreme qualification: repentance. A Jesus who just throws out all of our bad behavior at the end of each day is no different from a Jesus who does not care about murder, violence, and injustice. He must not chose “select all” when forgiving sin because it renders our behavior inconsequential.

In conversation, I simply chose to point out that the Bible refers to Jesus as a judge and that he will be the one making the decision about heaven and hell for each person. (Matt 25, etc.) She said she had not even heard of this concept! I encouraged her to consider that while Jesus’ love is unconditional his forgiveness comes with strings attached.

We wish everyone to be non-judgmental because WE do not want to be judged. But if Jesus is who he claims to be, then we surely are being and will be judged. It is important to remember this first when looking in the mirror so that we can relay the truth with humility when speaking to others.


2 Responses to “Non-Judgmental Jesus”

  1. SHARAT BABU January 15, 2013 at 12:40 pm #

    Brother Steve, thank you for the blessed messages. Babu.

    • stevewimmer January 25, 2013 at 8:42 am #

      Babu, thank YOU for reading and taking the time to write an encouraging note!

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