How to use the ‘like’ button to free slaves

1 Mar

Starting with their launch sometime in the next week CentUp will try to do what no one has been able to accomplish before. Establish a self-sustaining micro-donation platform for internet content creators. Think of it like a tip jar for bloggers that you drop a few pennies into as you share a post you liked. (Though it’s not limited to only blogs, think music, pictures, etc.)

They know NO ONE WANTS TO PAY FOR ONLINE CONTENT – but they also know PEOPLE NEED OUR HELP. Which people? Not the bloggers, and this is why CentUp is different from previous tip jar style applications. Half of what you leave, even if it’s $.02 will be donated to charity. And they don’t mean “charity” they’re really going to give the money to organizations that are doing good work. One of their non-profit partners is Love146, people I know and care for – which is how I got interested in all of this.

Love146 works to free women from sex trafficking around the world, and CentUp will help them do that. In addition, people who spend lots of time and energy creating content for the web can get something in return. I view this as a classic win-win scenario and when CentUp launches you’ll see a small button next to the Facebook and Twitter share buttons. If you are interested in trying it out, you can pledge $1 and then give that dollar away knowing that half of it will go to a great cause and the other half will go to say “thanks!” to someone who created something that you appreciated.

Their fundraising campaign is over and the launch is soon! To check their progress, head over to


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