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Contest Over!

18 Aug

Congrats to Jeff Bock, of Orange CA for winning the prize pack. I’ll do another one of these soon so check back. New posts will start rolling out next week!



10 Aug

Ok, I’ve been staying at home a lot this summer with Sola and I haven’t had many encounters worth writing about. I’m going to be back on campus in a few weeks and until that time I’m going to take a break to think up new ideas for series of posts. To tide you over until then (assuming you need some tiding) I’m going to give away a prize pack!

Five Sacred Crossings by Craig Hazen – Craig is the director of the apologetics program at Biola (of which I am a proud alumnus) and has a great heart for the lost. In this book he weaves apologetics and culture together into a compelling narrative. It’s a fast-paced read and worth the effort. Terrorists, ancient languages, apologetics…what could go wrong?

Why I am a Christian by John Stott – A true hero of the faith recounts simply and powerfully what convinces him about Jesus. A good read for mature Christians or interested skeptics.

Telling the Gospel Through Story by Christine Dillon – Dillon believes Bible storytelling has been more effective in her context as a church planter than traditional forms of evangelism and apologetics. She uses the book to expound on this hypothesis and then teach the reader how to incorporate stories (both biblical and personal) into their conversations.

Does God Exist? (DVD) – This is a video of the 2009 debate between William Lane Craig and the late Christopher Hitchens. Classic debate format and great content. (SPOILER ALERT: I think Craig comes out ahead)

All your dreams can come true!

How do I enter this amazing contest, you may ask? Open this link in a new tab or window (normally there would be a widget, but wordpress and rafflecopter aren’t friends yet):

a Rafflecopter giveaway  <— click this thing

**UPDATE: The Rafflecopter thing is confusing some folks so I have a screenshot to better explain what to do.

Step 1, open the link that says “a Rafflecopter giveaway” in a new tab or window (some of the entries require you to do things on this blog – a new tab will make it easier)

Step 2, log in through facebook

Step 3, start entering

Step 4 – the IMPORTANT ONE:

In the above example, once you post a link on facebook you need to manually click “enter” to receive credit.

Ok thats it…game on!

UPDATE #2: even if you share via the buttons on this page (facebook and twitter) you still need to open the rafflecopter link to be credited with entries into the contest.

Out of town. In the meantime…

5 May

I am currently in Jasper, GA at InterVarsity’s annual chapter camp leadership conference. I am teaching college students how to study the bible and lead their peers in missional small groups on campus. Its been an amazing week and I have one more to go. Due to the nature of the conference however, I haven’t had much time for evangelistic conversations. To tide you over, I’m providing links to some of my favorite online resources for apologetics.

Apologetics 315

This site has a regularly updated blog as well as a huge list of reviews for books on christian apologetics arranged by topic. My favorite thing about them is their list of weekly bonus links. These are collected from around the web and range widely in content but I always find a few things that I can’t resist clicking on.

No blog, but audio and TONS of articles on pretty much every major apologetic issue. Not to be missed and a good place to start if you’re just exploring a new topic.

Stand to Reason

The ministry started by Greg Koukel, str has great content and a regularly updated blog. The gem of this site is Greg’s weekly podcast which is posted here (and in itunes I think).

I hope to have a normal post up next week and then resume posting regularly the following week. Until then, go check out these sites!

New things are coming…

12 Apr

After thinking over my next steps in ministry and life, I’ve decided to resurrect this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and advice on topics relating to Christian apologetics. I hope that it’s worth your time.

Episode 8 – Jehova’s Witnesses

2 Jul

Hi everyone – have a great 4th of July weekend. Here is the latest episode on Jehova’s Witnesses. As always, leave a comment or email if you have quesitons or comments.

Episode 8 – Jehovas witnesses

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